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Join the Valley Artist Team!

We'll develop your Website Page for you.

  1. Your page is design based on the information and material that you provide us..
  2. One of the first steps is to talk to you about your unique art talents, visual or otherwise.
  3. The next step is for you to send us your images and copy for your page.
  4. Please note the following important information regarding images:

    We cannot begin work on your webpage until we have received all of your image and text files.

    Please send us high quality digital images of your work. If we are to showcase your work, we must work with the best images you can provide us. (Scanning, photography or computer work can be provided, please ask for a quote).
  5. No page is posted without your approval.
  6. Upon approval of your page design and payments received, your page will be posted for all to view.
  7. Any correspondence between patrons or clients will be done confidentially directly with you and not Valley Artist Portfolio.

Maintain your Webpage.

Once your Webpage is live, please updated us with new work and details of upcoming exhibitions and achievements.  This is particularly important so that visitors return regularly to view your new work. See "Features & Pricing" for more details
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Terms Agreement

Prohibited Content
You may not post, upload, link to or email any Content that contains, promotes, gives instruction about, or provides prohibited Content. As a member of Valley Artist Portfolio, you are responsible for any Content that breaks any local, state, county, national or international law. Prohibited Content includes:
  • Content that infringes upon any rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks
  • Abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene content
  • Viruses or any other harmful computer software
  • False information or libel
  • Spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes
  • Gambling or illicit drugs
  • Terrorism
  • Hacking or cheating for internet or online games
  • Warez, Roms, CD-Keys, Cracks, Passwords or Serial Numbers
  • Pornography of any kind
  • Excessive profanity
  • Invasion of privacy or impersonation of any person or entity
  • Hacking materials or information
Content Screening
Valley Artist Portfolio reserves the right to check any page or uploaded information for prohibited content. Valley Artist Portfolio has the right to access any uploaded or posted material and its related Content and delete, edit, or restrict access to any Content. You agree that Valley Artist Portfolio may disclose any Content to fulfill what is required by law or is necessary to comply with legal processes or to prove a violation of these terms. You agree to bare any and all risk of reliance on the accuracy, validity or legitimacy of Content viewed on Valley Artist Portfolio. Valley Artist Portfolio is not responsible for any problems that may occur from reading, distributing, acting on, or using Content posted on Valley Artist Portfolio.

Valley Artist Portfolio may adjust or update these terms at anytime to better serve and protect our members.

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