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Poland, OH
(330) 757-0174

© 2015 Carol Prelog

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E-mail me directly should you have any questions concerning my work.

Carol Surack Prelog has always been interested in creating and studying art and art history.  Some of
her favorite memories were being set loose to explore the Detroit Art Museum as a preteen and joining
in tours which explained the artists' motives for their experiments in the principles of art. She began making art from the academic standpoint.
She loves to play with light and  color on the canvas or sculpture. 
She was thrilled not to be in the band in jr. high because the non musicians were given 2 periods of art.  The band teacher was happy too.  Good choice because she won a few contests that boosted her enthusiasm for fine art.
Her degrees in art include AAB. Commercial Art., BFA., Bs. Art Ed., Masters in Science Secondary Art Education,  Post grad study of color, form and right brain function, ceramic sculpture at U. of Tenn. Knoxville, Arrowmont, Art restoration and photography Savannah College of Art and Design, Cleveland Art Institute, Cleveland Museum of Art, Kent State and Pittsburgh. She was a part of organizing the Arts Camp at the Butler, and the gifted and Talented Arts Program in Trumbull County for public school students.
 Her favorite mentors include Jerry Zona, Mary Kay D'isa, Jim Lepore, Jon Naberezny, Tom Mc Nickle, Lou Zona and Tom Antonishak.  "Never stop learning, you are not done 'til you take your last breath"...
After graduating she worked as a professional photographer in the '70's.  She taught art classes at The Butler Institute of American Art for years, Trumbull Art Gallery, The Apple Gallery, private classes in her studio in Poland and as an art instructor in the public Schools Brookfield, Ohio.
Carol has paintings, photography  and sculptures in many private collections.  She has had the opportunity of several one woman shows, and won awards  and commissions during her career. 
She enjoys painting portraits, architectural renderings, botanical subjects.  Carol likes three demensional sculpture both whimsical and realistic styles and enjoys capturing humor in her art. " Never take yourself too seriously, no one else does."
Enjoy these samplings and feel free to write comments or write to the artist concerning prints of her art, or private commissions.
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