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Represented by:
Suzanne Cruise Creative Services
7199 West 98th Terrace, #110
Overland Park, KS 66212

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Carol’s Chocolatier

Mary Jane’s General Store

Matilda’s Dress Shop

Frank’s Hardware

Mary’s General Store

Victorian Rose General Store

Agnes’s Corner Shop

Minnie May’s General Store

Gloria Rose General Store

Goose Chapel

21st Street General Store

Kay’s Corner Store

Dorothy’s Busy Intersection

Walt’s Sporting Goods

Lighthouse Sunrise

The Library

Neighborhood Grocery Store

Backyard Aviary

One Snowy Day

Country Road

Golden Glory

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Christmas Eve


Carol’s Craft Room

America The Beautiful

Grandpa’s Shed

Quilt USA

Pap Pap’s Toolshed

Cabin Kitchen

Dog Gone Good Cookies

Duke, Pies and Whiskers

Nana’s Kitchen

Log Cabin Kitchen

Country Kitchen

Treehouse Fancy

No Fishing Today

Teddy Get Well

Lockrie Manor

Pot Of Gold

Summer Planting Shed

Amish Schoolyard

Spring Tool Shed

Stork Nest Mill

Panda Fan Elegances

Bluebird Waterpump

Heaven’s View

Spring Planting

Double Cross

Bear Gift Wrap

Something To Say

Flower Gift Wrap

Barn Yard Gathering

Leprechauns Gold

Path To West Arbor

Country Life

Country Cottage Retreat

Early Spring Owls

Winter Cottage Retreat


Baseball Time Of Year

Patriotic Eagle

Football On-Lookers

Yellow Winter Skies

Barnyard Farmer’s Market

Blue Crabs

Along The Rabbit Path

Moon Spirits

Fox Hollow Cottage

Above The Light

Bedford Springs I Do

Large Mouth Bass

Lanterman’s Mill

Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout

Turkeys In The Fog

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